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Septic tank straight pump

The sewage treatment vehicle, also known as the septic tank treatment vehicle, is a new type of environmentally friendly suction truck that replaces a new model of the traditional suction truck.

The sewage treatment vehicle, also known as the septic tank treatment vehicle, is a new type of environmentally friendly suction truck that replaces a new model of the traditional suction truck.


    The model of the sewage treatment vehicle produced by Tianjin Jiazhong Technology is: TJZ5040TWC-20,


Mainly adopted:


             China National Heavy Duty Truck HOWO chassis modification,


             The engine uses Yuchai 130 horsepower Guowu engine.


             The gearbox is 6 gears.


             Curb weight 4495KG,


             The blue license plate can be applied to first-tier cities.


    This sewage treatment vehicle has a generous appearance. The four doors on each side of the cabinet are made of aluminum alloy to protect the safety and normal operation of the internal facilities.


    The sewage treatment vehicle has dual characteristics, that is, if there is no external power supply, it can be operated by the host computer that comes with the vehicle;


    If there is an external three-phase power supply, you can connect the motor to the operation with the configured wires.


    Traditional artificial clearing


    First of all, the labor efficiency is low, the cleaning speed is low, and secondly, because it relies only on labor, the garbage cannot be processed in time, the scene is chaotic, and the garbage is piled up everywhere. It has caused great pollution to the environment.


    The high concentration of biogas emitted from the septic tank can cause great harm to the human body.


    The newly developed sewage treatment vehicle has a high degree of safety and many treatments can be completed by machinery, which reduces the amount of manual work, and scientific process control ensures the operation site.

And the safety of the workers.

    The new sewage treatment vehicle spare parts are all purchased from domestic famous brands. After many tests, the performance is good, the work is stable and durable.




   (1) The car has strong mobility, flexible and light when moving, can be moved to the place where it is needed, with complete functions, small floor space and low investment cost.

This car is equivalent to a small domestic sludge treatment plant.


   (2) It can be equipped with external power supply according to the user's needs (making the operating cost lower), and it can also bring its own power to generate electricity.


   (3) The car is different from other suction trucks or suction trucks in terms of tank capacity. The sludge treatment vehicle can be continuously operated, extracted on site, separated from solid and liquid on site, discharged on site, and does not require round-trip transportation. Reduce operating costs and eliminate the pollution and dangers caused by transportation.


   (4) The new sludge treatment vehicle has achieved a “harmless” treatment method, and the vehicle has reached the national environmental protection requirements of national V emissions.


   (5) The new sludge treatment vehicle has a faster operation time than the traditional suction truck or suction truck, no secondary pollution, and no odor at the time of operation.


   (6) High degree of safety, more than 90% of the cleaning work is done by machinery, the amount of manual work is small, and the automation control ensures the safety and work efficiency of the job site and the operators.


    technological design


     According to the treated sewage water quantity and water quality treatment requirements, the biochemical treatment process and the gas, liquid and solid three-state separation technology are adopted, and the filtration and pressing are integrated to realize the sludge dirt cleaning. On the basis of summarizing the integrated sewage treatment equipment at home and abroad, our company has developed a new type of mobile integrated sludge treatment equipment. The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel and treated internally and externally. It is mainly used in construction sites, small and medium-sized cities, where the drainage network is still incomplete, and the sewage needs to be treated.

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