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Septic tank cleaning vehicle

The sewage treatment vehicle, also called the septic tank treatment vehicle, is a new type of environmentally friendly suction truck that replaces a new model of the traditional suction...

The sewage treatment vehicle, also called the septic tank treatment vehicle, is a new type of environmentally friendly suction truck that replaces a new model of the traditional suction truck. The model of sewage treatment vehicle produced by Tianjin Jiazhong Technology is: TJZ5040TWC-20, which is mainly modified by China National Heavy Duty Truck HOWO chassis. The engine is equipped with Yuchai 130 horsepower Guowu engine, gearbox is 6 gears, and the whole set quality is 4495KG. Can be applied to first-tier cities.

This sewage treatment vehicle has a generous appearance. The four doors on each side of the cabinet are made of aluminum alloy to protect the safety and normal operation of the internal facilities.

The sewage treatment vehicle has a dual function, that is, if there is no external power supply, it can be operated by the host computer. If there is an external three-phase power supply, the motor can be connected to the motor operation.


The significance of developing a sewage treatment vehicle:

1. The efficiency of manual cleaning is low, the speed of clearing is low, the scene is chaotic, the garbage is piled up everywhere, and the environment is polluted. The high concentration of biogas in the septic tank causes great harm to the human body; the suction truck and the sewage truck need to be dumped back and forth. Garbage, cost is too high, disorderly discharge is very serious, causing great secondary pollution to the environment and soil, causing great damage to the municipal management network.

2. The management of urban septic tank clearing industry, at present, all major small and medium-sized cities are more chaotic. The suction trucks are not only randomly arranged, but most of the personnel are professionally trained. The concentration of biogas is basically based on the nose, and the time is clear. Pipes are blocked before disposal. The suction trucks used are simple, the pollutants are not subjected to hardening filter residue and disinfection treatment. Wherever the car is driven, where the manure water drops. In order to reduce costs, there are often sneak peeks into urban rainwater networks, rivers or sparsely populated rivers and wasteland.


Product advantages:

1 Environmental protection - not a simple pumping truck or suction truck, but a "processing machine" will not block the municipal pipeline, and the smell is small, especially favored by high-end hotels and high-end residential areas. Even if it is constructed at night, it will not seriously affect the rest of the residents.

2 Efficient—According to the different properties of the surface tension and chemical composition of the medium, the centrifugal separation has a large suction force and can be straight down 15 meters without the need for round-trip transportation, eliminating the time for the conventional equipment to find the dirt, and also reducing the disordered discharge. The fine confiscates the burden of the car.

3 Energy-saving – Local emissions reduce the fuel consumption of car transportation. The price of electricity is cheaper than the price of oil per car. Even power generation is cost-effective.


Summary: From the above points, the company's machines operate at low cost, high profit and good efficiency.

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