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Septic tank special treatment vehicle

The vehicle cleaning septic tank is characterized by high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, and simple operation. It can be widely used in septic tank sewage treatment in factories...

The vehicle cleaning septic tank is characterized by high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, and simple operation. It can be widely used in septic tank sewage treatment in factories, communities, schools, slaughterhouses, farms and other places. The relevant models have entered the national bulletin catalogue and are exempt from vehicle purchase tax.
Product characteristics of sewage treatment vehicles:
First, the car can be used for blue cards, which can be used in first-tier cities during the day, so that customers can work freely;
Second, the car can be used for external three-phase power supply operation or self-powered operation of the vehicle body, which can be applied to a variety of working environments, and can reduce the working cost when using an external power supply;
Third, the car is different from other suction trucks or suction trucks. The sewage treatment vehicle can be operated continuously. No matter how big the septic tank can be completed in one operation, it does not need to be transported back and forth.
Fourth, the sewage treatment vehicle is cleaned more comprehensively, more comprehensively and cleanly, and can also be thoroughly cleaned, that is, the septic tank or the lagoon is completely cleaned up;
Fifth, the car has a fast operation time, saves a lot of time for customers, and has less exhaust emissions and is more environmentally friendly;
Sixth, the cycle of re-cleaning is short, and it is cleaned once to ensure one year;
Seventh, the degree of safety is high, more than 90% of the cleaning work is done mechanically, the amount of manual work is small, and the scientific process control ensures the safety of the job site and the operators.
The product models are 5-8 cubic meters / hour, 8-15 cubic meters / hour, 30-40 cubic meters / hour, 50-70 cubic meters / hour, and provide free consultation, design, advice, The program can also provide users with free value-added services such as liquid-to-liquid comparison, calibration, and determination of drug content models. Users can purchase genuine medicines in the market at will, or purchase patented medicines developed by our company, including tax, and the price is reasonable. The sludge tank, mixing tank, filter, sludge pipeline and quick joint are all made of 304 stainless steel, which is non-corrosive and has no maintenance and repair costs, which greatly improves the service life. The product is simple and convenient to operate, and the technical, artificial and possible misoperations are all written into the control box. As long as one button is activated, all the links of the equipment work automatically in order, which requires low level of education for the operators. Skilled operation in a short time.

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