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New sewage treatment vehicle price

This is a vehicle-mounted integrated dewatering equipment developed by Tianjin Jiazhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. from the perspective of saving investment cost for customers. The equipment is easy to move and can serve different sewage treatment plants in multiple points. The mobile dehydration vehicle is mainly composed of a polymer foaming machine, a metering pump, a movable screw dewatering machine and a transport vehicle (self-provided by the user of the transport vehicle).

This is a vehicle-mounted integrated dewatering equipment developed by Tianjin Jiazhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. from the perspective of saving investment cost for customers. The equipment is easy to move and can serve different sewage treatment plants in multiple points. The mobile dehydration vehicle is mainly composed of a polymer foaming machine, a metering pump, a movable screw dewatering machine and a transport vehicle (self-provided by the user of the transport vehicle).


The utility model relates to a mobile vehicle sludge treatment device. The processing device comprises a transport vehicle, a generator, an inlet pipe, a biochemical reaction chamber, an aeration device, an integrated reaction cell, a clean water tank, a disinfection tank and a filter press device, wherein the inlet pipe is connected to the water pump at one end and connected at the other end. a biochemical reaction chamber, wherein the biochemical reaction chamber comprises an anoxic reaction chamber, an anaerobic reaction chamber and an aerobic reaction chamber, which are sequentially connected, and an aeration device, an integrated reaction cell, a clear water pool, and the like are arranged downstream of the biochemical reaction chamber. A disinfection tank and a filter press device, wherein the integrated reaction tank is provided with a phosphorus recovery device and a dosing device. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, strong fluidity, cost saving, sludge forming and high phosphorus recovery efficiency, and can not only economically and efficiently recover phosphorus in the rural dispersed sewage treatment sewage sludge, and can achieve sludge reduction and improvement. The purpose of sludge settling performance.






1. Improve the quality of water quality. After the sewage is treated, the water quality is filtered and eliminated from the original pollution situation, so that the pollution level of the water is greatly reduced, so that the water can be used again.


2, the rational use of water resources, so that the water cycle in the upstream area does not affect the water function of the downstream waters, the social cycle does not damage the objective laws of the natural circulation, thereby maintaining or restoring the good water environment of the city and even the basin, is the sustainable water resources An effective way to use it.


3. Improve the ecological environment, enhance the city's taste and promote economic development. Because if the sewage is not treated, it will be discharged into the river, which will not only pollute the environment, but also adversely affect the quality of people's living water.


4. Promote the water circulation system. The natural circulation of water is a non-equilibrium open system with a self-organizing structure, and the social cycle of water is a balanced system with artificial tissue structure.


 5. Protect buildings, industry and other facilities. It is well known that water can cause serious corrosion to metal equipment and pipelines. Due to the high degree of mineralization, the oily wastewater of oil fields has dissolved oxygen dissolved in different degrees of acid gases such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Such water treatment and re-injection formation will Treatment facilities and reinjection systems produce corrosion.

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