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Congratulations on the successful delivery of the car in August

Congratulations on the successful delivery of the car in August

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In August 2018, Tianjin Jiazhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. successfully delivered the Dajinyu brand sewage treatment vehicle to a property company in Tianjin. The general manager of the property, after a year of inspection, compared the product performance and product practicability, and went to Guangzhou, Suizhou and other places to visit the manufacturer. In August 2017, we contacted our company. Our company recommended the Dajinyu brand sewage treatment vehicle for this user. It is mainly used for domestic sewage treatment and black odor river sewage treatment, and twice to the on-site test, our company's products won. The total approval of the paragraph.

The sewage treatment vehicle adopts the China National Heavy Duty Truck HOWO chassis and is equipped with a filter system, a separation system, an automatic chemical filling system, and an integrated circuit system.

Advantages of Dajinyu brand sewage treatment vehicle:

1. The car has good mobility and can be transferred at any time, which is equivalent to a small mobile sewage treatment plant.

2. It is possible to achieve on-site extraction, on-site vehicle handling, and realize immediate pumping. After treatment, the clean water reaches the standard discharge or irrigation and other secondary use.

The separated solid organic fertilizer can be used in agricultural gardens, green farming, etc., and does not need to be transported back and forth, reducing the cost of transportation to and from the transportation.

3. There is no secondary pollution at the site, and the odor is reduced by more than 95%, and there is no odor at the scene.

4. The car is easy to operate, highly automated, and can be unattended and work continuously for 24 hours.

All along, our company attaches great importance to the market sales service work, to "survive by quality, reputation is guaranteed. Integrity, flexible operation,

The concept of high quality and low price, paying attention to efficiency, and making every effort to improve and contribute to the environmental protection cause of the motherland, is still a blue sky.