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Function and operation method of sewage treatment vehicle

Function and operation method of sewage treatment vehicle

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Most of the sewage treatment vehicles on the market today are modified vehicles, and the purchase of such vehicles can enjoy tax exemption policies. This sewage treatment vehicle has a very good working effect. It can separate the dirt in the septic tank and has the function of automatic compression. The treated liquid can also be directly discharged.


The separated solid organic fertilizer can be used in organic fertilizer plants, agricultural gardens, flower gardens and other units, and is truly green and environmentally friendly fertilizer. At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with a pipeline high pressure cleaning pump and device. Flow rate: 135L/min, pressure: 17MPA-21MPA, pipe diameter: 250mm-800mm, retractable winch, one car has dual functions, to achieve multi-purpose, you can clean the septic tank and dredge the pipe.


The function of the sewage treatment vehicle:


1. Using the engine of the vehicle to generate electricity independently, the field power supply is self-sufficient.


2, large suction, large flow, self-priming height of 9 meters, flow rate of 330 cubic meters per hour.


3, unique slag removal function (solid-liquid separation), stone, brick, woven bags, plastic bags, gloves, branches, leaves and various fiber windings dehydrated, centralized bagging for easy transportation.


4, the scope of use: large work to quantify the manure clearing, large workload river cleaning project, large workload kitchen waste treatment, can also be used for drought resistance, drainage, irrigation and long-distance water.


Sewage treatment vehicle product model: 20 cubic meters / hour, 35 cubic meters / hour, 70 cubic meters / hour, several products and sewage treatment equipment without chassis, can provide users with free advice, design, recommendations, solutions, and The door-to-door provides users with free value-added services such as liquid-to-liquid comparison, calibration, and determination of drug content models. Users can purchase genuine medicines in the market at will, or purchase patented medicines developed by our company, including tax, and the price is reasonable. The sludge tank, mixing tank, filter, sludge pipeline and quick joint are all made of 304 stainless steel, which is non-corrosive and has no maintenance and repair costs, which greatly improves the service life.