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Advantages and significance of sewage treatment vehicles

Advantages and significance of sewage treatment vehicles

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Sewage treatment vehicles have many advantages. First, they have a high workload, can handle a lot of sewage, and the effect of treating sewage is also very good. Secondly, the sewage treated by the sewage treatment vehicle will not pollute the environment again, because the sewage treatment vehicle will separate the treated sewage. Finally, the sewage treatment vehicle is also capable of pipe dredging.


Advantages of sewage treatment vehicles:


First, the car can be on the blue card. It can be used in first-tier cities during the day, so customers can work freely.


Second, the car is different from other suction trucks or suction trucks. The sewage treatment vehicle can be operated continuously. No matter how big the septic tank can be completed in one time, it does not need to be transported back and forth.


Third, the sewage treatment vehicle is cleaned more comprehensively, more comprehensively and cleanly, and can also be thoroughly cleaned, that is, the septic tank or sewage is completely cleaned up.


Fourth, this car has a dual function, can be used chassis drive system or external power drive system.


The significance of developing a sewage treatment vehicle:


1. The efficiency of manual cleaning is low, the speed of clearing is low, the scene is chaotic, the garbage is piled up everywhere, and the environment is polluted. The high concentration of biogas in the septic tank causes great harm to the human body; the suction truck and the suction truck need to be dumped back and forth. Garbage, cost is too high, disorderly discharge is very serious, causing great secondary pollution to the environment and soil, causing great damage to the municipal management network.


2. The management of urban septic tank clearing industry, at present, all major small and medium-sized cities are more chaotic. The suction trucks are not only randomly arranged, but most of the personnel are professionally trained. The concentration of biogas is basically based on the nose, and the time is clear. Pipes are blocked before disposal. The suction trucks used are simple, the pollutants are not subjected to hardening filter residue and disinfection treatment. Where the car is driven, where the manure water drops. In order to reduce costs, there are often sneak peeks into urban rainwater networks, rivers or sparsely populated rivers and wasteland.