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  • A new type of sewage treatment

    A new type of sewage treatment


    Domestic sewage (septic tank sewage; river sewage; livestock farming sewage) pollutes our environment all the time. It affects my life, breeds mosquitoes, and is accompanied by an unpleasant smell. In 2018, under the strong control of the government, our environment has undergone tremendous changes. In the past, we used the manual method to treat the domestic sewage, which was very harmful to the environment. Then the suction pump is pumped to the container for off-site treatment, which also causes secondary pollution. Now we find a new treatment method for Li, a mobile sewage treatment vehicle. This type of vehicle is widely used, and it has a remarkable effect on septic tank treatment, river treatment, and livestock farm sewage treatment. The dirt extracted by the mobile sewage treatment vehicle does not need to be transported to another place like the conventional sewage truck. The working principle is that the non-degradable inorganic matter in the septic tank is separated mainly through the separation tank, and then passed through the dewatering machine. The manure in the sewage is pressed into organic fertilizer, and finally the clean water is discharged, and the discharged clean water can reach the third-level discharge standard, realizing the waste recycling and utilizing, turning waste into treasure. The equipment consists of high-power diesel generator, sewage separation system, dosing system, sludge dewatering system, high-pressure cleaning system, electronic control system, etc. At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with pipeline high-pressure cleaning pump and device. Flow rate: 135L/min, pressure: 17MPA—21MPA, pipe diameter: 250mm-800mm, retractable winch and one car have dual functions. When one car is used, the septic tank can be cleaned and the pipe can be dredged. The function of the sewage treatment vehicle: 1. Using the engine of the vehicle to generate electricity independently, the field power supply is self-sufficient. 2, large suction, large flow, self-priming height of 9 meters, flow rate of 330 cubic meters per hour. 3, unique slag removal function (solid-liquid separation), stone, brick, woven bags, plastic bags, gloves, branches, leaves and various fiber windings dehydrated, centralized bagging for easy transportation. 4, the scope of use: large work to quantify the manure clearing, large workload river cleaning project, large workload kitchen waste treatment, can also be used for drought resistance, drainage, irrigation and long-distance water. Sewage treatment vehicle product model: 20 cubic meters / hour, 35 cubic meters / hour, 70 cubic meters / hour, several products and sewage treatment equipment without chassis, can provide users with free advice, design, recommendations, solutions, and The door-to-door provides users with free value-added services such as liquid-to-liquid comparison, calibration, and determination of drug content models. Users can purchase genuine medicines at any time in the market. We can also purchase the pharmacy independently developed by our company, including tax package, and the price is reasonable. The sludge tank, mixing tank, filter, sludge pipeline and quick joint are all made of 304 stainless steel, which is non-corrosive and has no maintenance and repair costs, which greatly improves the service life. The sewage treatment vehicle is simple and convenient to operate, and the technical, artificial and possible misoperations are all written into the control box. As long as one button is started, all the links of the equipment work in order, which has low requirements on the educational level of the operator. The operation is very simple and easy to learn, and can be operated skillfully in a short time.

  • Congratulations on the successful delivery of the car in August

    Congratulations on the successful delivery of the car in August


    In August 2018, Tianjin Jiazhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. successfully delivered the Dajinyu brand sewage treatment vehicle to a property company in Tianjin.

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